Welcome to Adam Wylychenko’s Professional Overview

Adam Wylychenko is a Vice President at CBRE Caledon Capital, a firm that specializes in private markets investing on behalf of global institutional investors. Under Adam’s guidance, the company builds customized portfolios for each of its Private Equity clients, with a history of achieving above benchmark returns. Adam has had a lifelong interest in making the world a better place, and sees economic development as a key component of this goal.

Adam got his investing start at an early age and has always known he was destined for a career in business. He grew up in an entrepreneurial and business-centric environment in an economically disadvantaged area. Despite the fact that his parents never pursued higher education, they are nevertheless very talented people and wonderful role models. It was a natural progression for him to attend business school since he gravitated naturally towards finance and investing, even while still in high school. He was an active student in university, and was President of the school’s finance student group, and successfully competed in a variety of business planning and case competitions.

After getting his degree, Adam built business plans for early and startup stage privately-owned companies, while investing in a business of his own. He was hired by a large public company to develop a plan for a new business unit in the healthcare space. Senior management valued this work and ultimately hired him full-time. Through networking, Adam became familiar with executives of the investment bank that his company worked with. It wasn’t long before they too saw his talents and offered him a job. He stayed in the investment banking industry for years before moving on to a role in private equity.

The work that Adam Wylychenko does today is a fusion of everything that matters to him. He has a passion for finance, private market investment, and entrepreneurship; all of them key components of the work he does at this point in his life. The private equity industry has always appealed to him and he enjoys the global perspective and focus on various industries that are required in his career.

Adam’s experience in private markets investing lends him a valuable skill set which he uses in monitoring the impact investment world and in evaluating opportunities which he believes can bring positive and profitable change to the world.

Throughout his career, Adam has gained a strong reputation as an investor and has executed over $1 billion in private equity transactions. He also serves on a number of advisory and corporate boards and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder.

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